Tampa Brahma Kumaris

Meditation Center

Raja Yoga Meditation

RajaYoga is an ancient system of meditation and spiritual understanding. It enables us to return to a state of inner peace, personal power and self-worth through re-kindling the soul's original qualities and virtues. It provides many answers to age-old questions relating to our identity and purpose and opens up a pathway to true peace of mind and a natural state of happiness. At its deepest level, RajaYoga Meditation is taught as a method of self-awareness, leading ultimately to self-realisation.

Meditations for the New Normal

Rise above problems into extraordinary new horizons Meditations for the New Normal are designed to: 1. Take you on an inner journey 2. Guide you from relaxation to self-realization 3. Help you to bring light...

Life Long Learning

The Brahma Kumaris recognizes the intrinsic worth and goodness of every human being and helps people rediscover these attributes, through a process of lifelong learning. This process of lifelong learning includes: a practical method of...

Oasis of Peace

We offer free courses, lectures and programs. We aim to provide resourcea for each to be inspired to look inward, upward, and forward – to explore their nature, innate values, and higher purpose. Courses &...

True spirituality is more than just a few moments of stillness. It is about using the qualities and wisdom of the soul to navigate the daily journey of life.

Community Service

The Brahma Kumaris offer classes and programs in surrounding areas in several locations. Ongoing programs include meditation classes and workshops.