Why Follow A Vegetarian Diet?

The Principle of Non-Violence

Human being by nature is non violent.The essence of the human soul is peace, tranquility, and calmness. Spiritual energy accumulates practicing non violence. In this world there is so much anxiety, tension, irritability, injustice, and mainly it is due to the diet, because in the food all these vibrations of violent and negativity  are ingested.  In reality, it is a matter of not eating food that comes through violence or the act of killing. 


You Are What You Eat 

Many people are vegetarian for health reasons.  A healthy body is one that is kept clean inside.  The cleanliness of the digestive system depends on how relatively fast the food goes through it, making sure that the waste matter does not remain in the body for an inappropriate time. 


A diet that is balanced, complete and with variety.
It is a common and wrong belief to think that we need protein in order to have energy and strength.  All living tissue, may it be of the vegetable or animal kingdom, has protein.  Proteins are forms of amino acids, blocks of construction with which the body can create new tissue. There are eight amino acids that are essential for the human body.  More than half of the body, without including water, is protein.  It is necessary for growth and it is the frame of many body structures. The amino acids that form the necessary  proteins for the human body, in particular, those which are consider essential, can be found in its totality in vegetables in sufficient quantity and variety to supply the organism.  There are certain products such as soy, almonds, brown rice, wheat, lentils, and others, which have a quantity of protein very similar, and in some cases superior to that of meat.According to meat, we found that it has a greater quantity and variety of amino acids per unit of space.  With very little meat the organism is provided with an excessive amount of protein.  Due to this, there is also a greater production of uric acid, which causes different illnesses in the joints, such as arthritis.  Generally through meat the double amount of protein that the body needs is consumed.

By adopting a vegetarian diet we need to keep in mind that it should have variety in order for it to have all the amino acids that our organism needs.  There are basically three groups of food included in the vegetarian diet and which provides us with the essential amino acids:

Cereals (together with dry fruits and seeds)

Legumes (lentils, garbanzos, beans…)

Milk products


Ecology and solidarity

To preserve the world. 

We see that even though we have enough means, we don’t use them in a sensible and wise way.

According to the water ‘portal’ from the UNESCO, in order to produce 1 kg. of beef it is required 15,000 liters of water, while the production of 1kg. of vegetables (fruit, legumes, vegetables) only requires some 1,000 liters.  But it seems that the difference is not only on the water used.  The agricultural engineers say that in order to produce the necessary food to raise a cow an hectarea (two and a half acres?) of land is needed for two years, and from it, it will obtain about 300 kg. of meat, but if that hectarea (two and a half acres?) is used to cultivate vegetables for human consumption it could obtain 7000kg. of wheat or 12,000 kg. of corn.  If the consumption of meat was reduced, this same hectarea with a vegetarian diet could feed many of the people who die of starvation in the world. 

On the other hand, the production of each kg. of meat emits 3 or 4 kg of CO2 to the atmosphere.  The consumption of meat multiplies by 10 almost all the ecological problems. This act of global collaboration and solidarity would make the world become a place in which everyone could live better.