The Importance of the Preparation of Food

To prepare food with cleanliness and in a peaceful and calm stage means to fill the food with spiritual and peaceful vibrations.

The effect of our vibrations

Definitely, our mental stage affects directly the atmosphere around us, and of course, any of the food that we prepare and eat.
We benefit by preparing the food in a peaceful and happy mental stage and this contributes that when we eat this food we would feel happy and positive. 

To prepare food in a good stage improves the quality of our life. 

When we buy food prepared, some questions we can ask ourselves are:

  • What are the ingredients these products?
  • How were they prepared?
  • How complete or nourishing they are?
  • What is their quality?

We can experience the magic of a wonderful mental stage preparing the food as a peaceful being.  When we feed the mind with love as well as the body, the world we share will also become peaceful and loving.