The Sweet Melody of Silence – New Meditation Album

Release Your Wings Productions is happy to announce the release of a new album by Shireen Chada, The Sweet Melody of Silence. This album aims to take the listener into an ever deeper state of soul silence and peace. In soul silence (or just silence) the mind is free of inner conflicts. It is calm and composed. There is no confusion or dissatisfaction, there is just quietness in the mind. There is no tug of war over whether this or that is right, there is complete internal satisfaction. The mind at both the conscious and sub-conscious levels is at rest.

Silence is not an absence of thoughts, it’s not a mental void, it is about creating pure thoughts, thoughts that bring both strength and coolness to the mind. Silence means complete restfulness of the mind. It is more about listening to the sweet melody of the soul, moving into the feeling of being spirit, with less thoughts . . . or slow thoughts . . .

There are two steps to silence. First, we silence the noisy mind; and second, in that silent state, we learn to experience sublime spiritual things that the noisy mind was drowning out.

Our mind is clamorous with guilt, worry, and living in the past. We desire to be loved, to be respected, and to be recognized; and these desires fuel the noise in the mind. Even when we are sleeping the mind doesn’t stop. This noise sometimes drives us crazy. We crave silence and yet we fear it at the same time. It’s frightening because when we start to dwell inside and look at what is really happening we get scared. Hence we flee and shut the door behind us because we just don’t know how to navigate this inner territory

I’ve designed this album to help you navigate your inner landscape. 13 dynamic exercises empower you to silence the noise of a disturbed mind and then experience deep serenity.

You might ask, “Why silence the mind?” Because in silence, we realize the real nature of the soul. In silence, we experience such bliss that we achieve breakthroughs and deep transformation within the self. It enables you to see your internal compass, giving you the power to navigate accordingly. From silence comes clarity, creativity, and true freedom.

The tracks in this album are some of my favorite meditations and spiritual experiments that allowed me to hear the sweet melody of silence. My sincere wish is that you too enjoy them again and again and relieve the pressure — the pressure to be something, the pressure to impress people, the pressure to keep listening to the noise. I want you to relax and to be yourself. For me, silence is like coming home to a place deep inside of me, in my own head, in my own mind, in my own heart where I can feel absolutely comfortable and rested. I wish the same for you. Om Shanti – I am Peace.

The digital version of the CD is downloadable on iTunes and CDBaby. Hard copies are available in the bookshop.