Good Eating Habits

  • Variety and balance.Food at every moment should be of as much variety and balance as possible in order for the organism to receive all the necessary nutrients.  The vegetarian diet could create imbalance in the body when some foods are consumed too much.
  • Eat with proportion.It is good to eat the right amount according to the body mass.  To eat too much makes the stomach bigger which creates the need of eating more and creating more toxins in the digestive tract which are difficult to eliminate.
  • Eat fresh food.Buying and eating products of the season is less expensive and more nutritious since it is when these foods are ripe and contain all its nutrition.
  • Regular schedule. As much as possible eat your meals every day at the same time. A regular schedule for meals will allow controlling better what is eaten.  Eat sitting down and with tranquility, without rushing or standing up.
  • What is most important? TO EAT. When it is time to eat, eat.  This means not to be distracted with other things such as reading, to watch TV, or to talk too much.  When we concentrate our attention in what we are eating, the body and the mind are nourished.  If we remain distracted we eat fast and more quantity than it is necessary.  The food digested in an accurate way acts like medicine.  Laziness ends.  One becomes more active and it is more alert.
  • Eat slowly. Eat at a moderate speed and don’t swallow fast, taste the food.  Chewing the food from 20 to 30 times per bite, allows to salivate the food well facilitating the digestive enzymes to do there appropriate work.  Pause between bites placing the fork/spoon on the plate after each bite.  The digestion would be easier, the stomach would not get tired and shortly we would be ready to continue our daily routine.  Eating fast could cause indigestion and heaviness.  If you eat fast you will eat more than you need.
  • Drink little or nothing during meals. Drinking water with meals is the most healthy, but it should not be too cold since this weakens the ability to digest, nor it should be drank in great amounts since this will dilute the gastric juices stopping a good digestion and could possibly damage the intestine.  If you chew well you would not need to drink, but if it is done it is recommended to drink small sips of water. 
  • After meals. It is recommended to always take a few minutes to rest and relax, before starting again with your activities.