Creating A World of Exquisite Beauty

At the start of the new year, we invited yogis at the Brahma Kumaris meditation center to raise their eyes above the scenes of sorrow and violence and set their eyes upon the beauty of a new world . Through this workshop we are exploring how we can lend our energy to the creation of a world of peace, purity, and prosperity. We are painting an exquisite picture of that world and emerging it through the power of spiritual reflection and creative visualization.

This week we looked at the words “heaven”, “paradise”, “golden age” to redefine what they really mean to us and release the historical baggage attached to those words. Heaven is not only used to describe a physical place, but also an experience of ecstasy or delight. “This brownie is heavenly.” “The whole family was out of town this weekend, it was like heaven”. Heaven as an experience was more acceptable to the group and I invite you to explore for yourself what experiences in your life are of such caliber you would refer to heaven.

Another heavy word we looked at was “kingdom”. I asked everyone why they felt that kingdom is often used in many scriptures and revelations in reference to heaven. The group shared that the orderly fashion, the oneness, the rule, and easiness with which everything occurs. That is exactly what I had wanted to share in the session. When life runs in an orderly fashion, in oneness and in harmony, we experience a high state of happiness, a heavenly state of happiness, an inner world of exquisite beauty.

Before we can become world emperors, world souvereigns though, not to bust your bubble, there is an important kingdom we must be able to rule effectively. Much of the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation teachings are founded on this principle. First become self-souvereign and then you can become world-souvereign. Many times, I really wished people would be in better control of their inner kingdoms, but how many times has mine been disorderly.

So what exactly am I trying to rule when it comes to myself, besides my big mouth :). Very simply I understand all of us to have 3 internal areas that must be working in harmony to maintain an orderly kingdom. They are the 3 faculties of the soul. The mind, intellect, and sanskaras (impressions). In terms of the mind, the power of thought, can I create whatever thought I would like at whatever time? Can I transform my thoughts on the spot to bring benefit to myself and others? In terms of the intellect, the power to decide, can I match my thoughts with my decisions and actions, can I choose that which will create greater harmony each time? In terms of the sanskaras or impressions, can I navigate the deep impressions of past experiences, relationships, circumstances and create a new memory and experience each time? Being a “Raja” or “King” over my internal kingdom, working in harmony with my mind, intellect and sanskaras will allow me to create an internal world of exquisite beauty for myself. The amazing quirk in life is that what we do is contagious and that experience will begin to transform my atmosphere and so on.

Now, I have a disclaimer. I am not stating that I am constantly in control of my kingdom, but I do understand that is the only kingdom I have control over and am often reflecting to see what I can do spiritually to allow myself to make the internal working more harmoniously.